Friday, June 13, 2014

Good Parents.... My Family..... June 2014

My dad would have been 86 years old via 4-17-2014.   He died on 6-14-1997 -- that's seventeen years ago.   That's how long my mother was been a widower...

Monday, June 9, 2014

News About Grandfather ~ Trall Sipuel

Spanish American War

The Truth Be Told ~ T B Sipuel

Dad Sipuel with Big Mama.... abt 1945  
His car -- undoubtedly!!!

Injustice in America

Grandad Sipuel's Service and Legacy in Oklahoma

The truth as it strike deep into my heart!

Reason enuf for my refusal to be ignorant of all viewpoints!

The Story of T. B. Sipuel

Telling Big Mama's Story.....

This is something I want me and my brothers and cousins to do... in a book style.

I searched the newspaper film in the OK History Center several months ago.   I found these words in a White- Daily Oklahoman Newspaper rendering this story  (dated September  1946).


"A heart attack was fatal for the Reverend Sipuel, prominent negro leader of the city last week in Oklahoma City.  He went to a garage in the city to have his car fixed which had been in a wreck.  When the garage man said it would cost $400 to repair the car he slumped with a heart attack from which he never recovered."

Such a lie to be posted by the media!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

US Air Force Re-UP!

Another 6 years.... so proud of this strong-willing, beautiful daughter!