Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Anderson's as Owners of Enslaved Lucinda and Her Parents

I touched off sort of a firestorm....  just as my DNA cousin....(I met a 2nd girl)...  he travelled to OKC with his wife for a funeral!!

Then I watched Book TV where in Annette Gordon-Reed talked of her latest book on Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson -- US President and their enslaved offspring @ Monticello, VA!

Suddenly -- my vision was expanded..... my vision has moved back two generations.  I'm now asking WHO --- AND WHERE ARE THE RECORDS OF JAMES A ANDERSON'S mom and dad... as well as their parents as plantation owners?? 

Really now... I might find that Lucinda had brothers and sisters.... and who and where was her mother serving as a concubine or nurse-maid/cook to the Senior Anderson owners!!!!