Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daily Talk

I had Sunday Dinner with mama at St. Anns:  she said they wanted to take her back to the hospital (Mercy) about her kidneys on Monday???     She then said "I don't need to keep going.... keep on and they're gonna find cancer....)

Since the charge nurse had not called me nor Tana (who visited last Friday....) we called on Monday AM...    As life would have it....Marla was nice...but hee-hawed around.. not knowing, then finding notes... but not knowing the origination..>>>????

We Huggins... u know we want sensible answers....(smile)    Call back said that Dr Heirly, the surgeon of original kidney stone removal... had a 30-followup September 30... His office called St. Anns to schedule one more ROUTINE ULTRASOUND of Kidneys on Oct 29 -- Thursday.   Transportation arranged.

OK  so this we can go with.  

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