Monday, November 2, 2009

What a delight.....

Misery Loves Company!

Tana said that she has a letter... that mama wrote on her old typewriter... with white-out paste-over errors...
It was a one page obit for Big Mama's funeral March 17-1971.  ....said hearing mama's voice and style was something else to envision...  

But the very content stunned me!...... Big Mama attended a Baptist Church (college background...??) and when she converted to COGIC.... her family disowned her... wanting nothing to do with that holiness message of early 1900! 

Well, she only had Lucinda - her mother with her during the time in AR that she met and married T.B. Sipuel.      

History repeated itself as I was raised Holiness... and married Lawrence and I have spent the rest of my days (my kids) in the Baptist church! 

more later.... that's another story!

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