Monday, February 11, 2013

Married Sixty Five Years Ago ~ 1948

Here's my congratulations.... I'm treating my kin as if they were alive.... such that I speak in a present tense...   Truly ~ their lives and my love for them are alive today.

Greetings:  Marraige may be Celebrated, in the County of Cook and State of Illinois, between Howard Juggins Jr of Chicago in the County of Cook and the State of ILL at the  age of  20 years,  and Miss Helen Sipuel of Chicago in the County of Cook and State of ILL   at the age of 21 years.  

The MOTHER of the said Howard Huggins .....having given Her consent to said Marriage.

I would not have thought about who was standing next to my Mom and Dad as they went down to get their marriage license....  the application was dated 6-11-1948 in Chicago.   Naturally, My Big Mama (Martha Belle Sipuel) was in Chickasha, OK....  I wonder what was the time sequence to Ada Lois' Lawsuit???
So, My mother was listed as a resident of Cook County... I believe she told me she was living with Auntie Nan Bush....  going to COGIC and met my daddy.   
So, it was Mama Dooley ~ who was giving consent to her baby son to marry Helen Sipuel. 
Here - - Sixty five years later, I'm am in a first time situation of giving consent to my 31 yr old son into marriage (September 2013)!   May the heritage of trust and companionship continue.
Below is my first grandson born 6-16-2005 ~ Jalen Anthony Kirk

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