Sunday, February 7, 2016

Still Images . . from the Old Cassette player

Really thrilled for a jump-start to post about OLD movie clips, the OLD reel-to-reel my daddy used to record on.... My brother has the clunker machine and might take a pic for me.

Hubby's mom was the church generation of cassettes of sermons.  The cassette player in the car!

These pictures are dated late 1958-59 and early 60's


  1. I definitely remember these. In fact, we used them in my room where I administered SOL tests to middle school children who had to have more time or needed to be in a room alone. The problem was finding the cassette tapes for them. They are very difficult to find in quantity. The Walkman like this one I do not remember, but enjoyed seeing it just the same.

  2. Love the photo of ?mum and ?daughter posing.

  3. Great that you can rescue some of the still images from the old cassettes.

  4. A fun post. I have inherited a few reel to reel recorders from my dad who first used one to exchange small 3' diameter tapes when he served in Korea and later Vietnam. He had about ten cassette reorders too, which now seem like antiques. Most work but who makes voice recordings anymore?