Friday, September 25, 2009

1994 Smith Family Reunion -Memphis TN

Smith Family Newsletter   Winter Edition 1994

Remarks: Dear Cousin:

The time has come for us to start planning our 2nd Annual family reunion for 1994. Remember, you guys voted to have it in July 1994 in Chicago. Those of us who were blessed to have felt the power of kinship love in 1992, know how great it was. "Wasn't it great!" You felt a kind of PRIDE to be in fellowship with Lucinda's Tree. We met cousins with PHS and no D's. They came from Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Missouri and Michigan. ALl ages; 10 strong.

About Lucinda's Tree, folks we realize we can never repay Lucinda and we can only imagine the sacrifice she must have made to survive slavery. Cousin Ada Lois, lawy professor, retired, and our guest speaker gave us some enlightening history regarding the practice of chattel slavery, including the bit abot Lucinda having to name her children Smith when they were Andersons for fear of Captain Anderson, and his wife.

Remember, Lucinda was the slave master's cook, and a single parent of seven. She must have worked long hours preparing food for his family in addition to her own. A hard worker, our hero. What strength can we learn from her: Together, we will explore the strengths that brought her through and teach our children.

"Fruit does not fall too far from the tree," a reflection of her strength may be seen by looking at her fruit.
A "Someone you should know" person may reflect something of Lucinda. They are our family heroes and our role models. Who are they? We will learn who they are and of their accomplishment so we can educate, motivate, and show our children there is a bleak of hope, even in hard times, they made it... so can we.

You may submit a biography, autobiography, or write an essay or commentary about a "Someone you should know" family member.

Regarding out 1992 celebration, your responses have been "great". We are glad you enjoyed it. Again, we can thank our 1992 Lucinda Family Reunion staff and all others for a job well done. Though we cannot name all those who played a part in the preparation for this celebration being a success. Eleanor Taylor @ 179 North Lombard, Oak Park IL 60302 phone 708-524-8533 (secretary) Melvin Davis (coordinator and Vivian White (treasurer)

Leona Dial 12-10-1912 - 11-30-1992

Clarence Richardson 06-02-1900 - 09-20-1993

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