Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

It was Spring ~ May of 2008 that two carloads of us Huggins-Kirk Klan drove from OKC, OK thru Arkansas and then onto the State of Mississippi.  Stopped overnight in Memphis, TX. 

There were stories to look for Dr. Mallory's "Saints Industrial College" in Lexington.  Mama Dooley, my uncle DD, Aunt Ruth, Ain Hattie and my daddy JR had lived on BALANCE DUE road in the town.

MLK, Lorraine Motel, Memphis TN

Saints College, LEX, MS

It was a long, dusty, quaint and unimpressive, rural, lazy, laid-back portion of the town.   We went on to visit the Mallory school, and the First Church St Paul's COGIC - historically.   A rewarding trip, thankful that my family hitched up and we did it.

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