Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gen Writers
My daddy is my past.........My granddaughter is my future, Lord, give her length of days, and good success  (Joshua 1:9)
This is a useful site.....   It encourages me to write my family's stories... to pass them along. My family's history is my history...not to be lost or forgotten.

Genwriting provides inspiration, support, resources, and ideas to help you write your family history.

The author of GenWriters noted ...diaries and letters can help to add social history context to our written family histories. Don’t be concerned if you can’t find a diary written by or about one of your ancestors. Instead, search for diaries written by people who lived in the time and place of your ancestor. You will learn about the community and the social mores of the time. Allow yourself to be transported to your ancestor’s world.

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