Monday, June 13, 2011

Week 24. Croaker Sack Clothing

Clothing...... What types of clothes did you wear as a child?     As I see this word and its' various explanations... I know that as children in rural areas of Oklahoma... our clothing was sometimes make out of this course, itchy, rough burlap bag fabric !!!

croa·ker  (krōkər)  sack  clothing  (gunnysack)                                             DEFINITION:     a bag made of burlap or similar material ... A course fabrice

Used in areas of the American South - as of 2009 - ranging from South Carolina, through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and at least northern Louisiana. Indeed, the sack doubtless referred to the burlap bag used to carry the fish, but no one questioned now remembers that particular use. Today it's the word traditionally used, at least in the areas mentioned, to mean "burlap bag" and is used to carry whatever articles that are at hand.                                         

What was “in fashion” and did your style compare?

What was “in fashion” and did your style compare? 
This challenge runs from Saturday, June 11, 2011 

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