Monday, June 20, 2011

Yesterday was Father's Day.... 2011

It started when I spoke of Baptist Hospital... the tenth floor where daddy died 6-14-1997 while driving to church Father's Day morning... the whole day of his dying moving across my mind's eye.    I had mentioned Tiger not having his dad at the US Open... Life changes.   I had seen just enough of the movie RAY..... wherein Ray Charles sat on a bus and relived the incident wherein his brother drowned in a tub..... I saw the trees with bottles hanging and reflecting the sunlight.... an old mother....The Lord done took him home, chile...  

This is a photo of the Chickasha headstone.... no name had yet been engraved as deceased....

Well next... I felt like everybody was rude... and in their own world.   Pastor sung alongside his son -- so proud.  The speaker introduced his son -- so proud.   Patrick was a new - good father.   Then my blood sugar dropped - just a minor variation.  And boy... I had to get out of church... tried to get my debit card to go eat... forgot the car key.   Peggi Kennedy offered to help, gave me cracker.... I shed tears.  I managed to close out church... feeling awfully lonely.  Lawrence was running around for a full 40 minutes helping EVERBODY else.... and boy did I feel alone...sitting in the car.   

So I cried some more.   

It's only today...that it dawns on me that it was a NO-Father's Day moment for me.
This really beautiful man.... his picture hangs in my sewing room.... A place that I did not go to last night...  There's really nothing else to say.   for today...

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