Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Travis Clan of Mississippi

  I really don't have a clue as to when this picture was taken... or where??? What is in the background?  Mama Dooley (Pearlie Travis Morgan-Huggins) was born in 1900... and she looks really young... about 50-ish???   Daddy said that Mama Dooley was heavy-set as a young mother... that she had a sick spell and lost weight.  Also, she was a diabetic (I think... not diagnosed until her kidneys failed....years of 1930-40-50's.... she only lived to be 68 years old.)
 Back in 2008 . . . . Wendell, myself, Lawrence and Lawry and Kandy made the road trip to Lexington Mississippi... and the town of  Tchula....  and then we looked for Balance-Due Road..... down yonder a ways..... and we had directions for Greenlawn Cemetery!  We found the Headstone daddy placed for his mother.......  The grounds were beautifully well-kept...

 This is Howard Huggins Sr..... who married Pearlie (as a widow) in 1925.... He walked out on Pearlie just seven months after Howard Huggins Jr (my father) was born in Tchula MS.... and YES....There is a story as to WHY HE LEFT.....!!!
This is the old 1964-65 picture of Aunt Hattie...Uncle DD, Howard Jr, and Aunt Ruth all surrounding Mama Dooley in Chicago, IL.   (At DD's House)

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