Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Slave Community: by Blassingame (1972)

I visit the Recreation Center / NE 50th and MLK Blvd / on Mondays with the retired ladies quilt guild.....
The have a section of free books..... and I think I obtained an original copy.....
I've been diligent in working on my family genealogy via 1815 - 1955....... what was life like for my people....???  in the deep south???


The Salve Community: Plantation Life in Antebellum South was published in 1972 by a renowned historian John W. Blassingame.  The book is a historiography of the era of slavery in the united state.  In order to understand the concept of slavery, the book has been written from the enslaved perspective.

The book is a revisionist study which challenges most of the earlier scholarship which suggests that the African American slaves who worked in the Caribbean plantations were docile and very submissive.   The book challenges the earlier scholarship view that African Americans slaves who worked on southern plantations enjoyed the paternalistic relationship between them and their masters.

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