Thursday, August 7, 2014

Inspiration Comes to Life in a 59-yr old Letter

...of my mind and heart!   I've saved and jpg'd many keepsakes.  I ran across this August 2, 1955 letter that my mother wrote to my daddy....

Besides wondering what/why daddy was spending a week??? in Wichita, KS ????

I looked up the 1955 stamp Mama used... I wonder where in OK... she got it???

The Scott 1069 3 Cent Stamp GreatLakes Transportation-Issued 1955

Soo Locks - A Century of Great Lakes Transportation
Mint Value $0.45   used Value $0.20  (2014)

3 cent
Soo Locks - A Century of Great Lakes Transportation
Mint Value $0.45
Used Value

Dear Howard,

We are all well here. 
After I wrote you yesterday, the light man came out, so I had to pay him $3.50 and promised to pay the other Monday.  That was the $3.00 I had ready to send to Ricker.  If you can send Ricker something.

I carried the boys to the park yesterday evening and they had a big time swimming.  They learned to mid-crawl and they called that swimming.

Charlene can float.  I did not know we had to pay to get in the pool.  $0.10 each under 12 yrs old.  Orville was too scared to get in.  Beverly walked around in the pool.  They all had fun and now are ready to go again.                                                                                       
See you Saturday.                                                                                          Love sincerely,                                                                                               Helen
The itch is much better (smile)

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