Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Their Words Do Remain.... also

Reflecting back on the year 1968.  A letter was written.... and I would say it was from Mama Dooley (my daddy's mother ~ Pearlie Travis Morgan-Huggins)
 NOTE:  a 6 cent stamp: The address is the home of my daddy's brother.... James DD Morgan and wife Dorothy.

The date is 2-6-1968... and Mama Dooley is really quite ill.   She will not live much longer/nor recover regardless of strict diet.   I don't think they said much or diagnosed her diabetes as an acute problem of kidney failure.

It seems Daddy had sent her a box, and she turns around to send my oldest brother Howard Jr.... a bit of money.   She's giving.... in her weakened state.

This first picture was taken by another family member.  It hereby shows the date of death for mama Dooley as February 27, 1968 in Chicago IL (21 days later).
Below,...this is my favorite picture of Mama Dooley, I can't tell where it was taken.   There were several years that Mama Dooley would visit us in Oklahoma.  She seems so cool and casual with a smile in this picture.  I can't even guess her age.  
 Back in 2008, by way of Memphis, TN, my brother and I (hubby and children) drove to the Great State of Mississippi - MLK call it "a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression.."

This is the cemetery where Mama Dooley rests.

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