Thursday, July 23, 2009

May be selfish... but I wish I had a photo of mama

and Big Mama together. This is 1949 - midst of victory (and setbacks) for the Ada Sipuel vs State of Oklahoma for admission to the Univ of OK Law School. (always well-dressed! Right!) wishin I had that winter hat and fur!)

In a way of just not knowing enough about my Big Mama --- Tana and I had reflected back on mama's wedding picture --- that NONE of her family were there in Chicago June 19, 1948. Again, Big Mama was involved in lawsuit (my thoughts) This seemed a little uncaring for a mother's baby daughter...... I continued to ponder..wishin....
Then Lo & Behold! Again, I was searching thru the TBS suitcase w/Bruce. I found two very significant things -- that I should never have imagined that a mother's heart wouldn't be truly tied to her children!
One was a letter dated..... to Dr. A. Mallory in Lexingtons MS.....
The other was a dainty 4x5" printed wedding invitation via Mrs. T.B. Sipuel to the wedding of her daughter Helen Marie to Howard in Chicago IL. Although the suitcase belong to TB -- it was evident that Big Mama kept as a keepsake for things close to her life.

Also, the large cardboard photo of mama (Helen) was another momento that Big Mama held close to her heart.
Talked with mama at nursing home last week about Lemuel. Money was not abundant, nor ability to travel. Plus topping all of this off was the fact that Dad Sipuel died in Sept 1946... Leaving Big Mama as a widow.
I wonder what monies (no pension??? railroad??) might she have had. Did church support for Big mama end? Mama said that Lemuel finished Howard Law School in Wash DC, met Clara Kirksey and also married her then moved back to Chickasha, OK. sooooooo , this mean't that maybe there was NOT a family member at Lemuels' wedding either???
I contacted by phone - Clara Sipuel (deceased husband - Elijah) Webster in Lima, OH (age 88) a few days ago. Good visit, will drop her a card.

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