Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Mama is a Mess...... Yippee ! !

She has sweet-talked an able-bodied young man into being her part-time chauffeur! Ya know, the Parker grandson -- Rodney. Rodney who.. Rodney Wright.

Here's the phone call 11am - Tuesday: "Beva, I want to go to Walmart. Rodney is goin to take me. when, what time, who? Rodney Wright, the Parker boy from Madison Church. At 1:00pm.. today. I've got money....... do u need me to go? or bring u some more money? No, I just want to get out of this place for a while!"

Ok- bye. I call Tana, she double checks. We tell the Nursing aide to put Rodney Wright on the approved list to take mama out.... what else can we say.

Ok -- so by 3-4 pm: Rodney tells Tana that "Oh she had a good time, no- no money to pay me back.... Oh, she wanted some Chic-filet." Then we joked... oh to see Mama eat in your car is a mess..... like she's never had a meal before.... Rodney said..yeah--well---... Tana said he likes to visit and adopts Helen whenever he misses his own grandmother..... How sweet!

So, I'm thankful once again, for Mama being as well as she is. Thank u Lord for each day.

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