Friday, July 24, 2009

Recording My COGIC History - A Timeline

My husband, two daughters and my brother Wendell made a family trip to Lexington MS in June 2008: photos of the First-Historic COGIC.

In their book The Black Church in the African American Experience (Durham: Duke University Press, 1990), C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence Mamiya wrote that because the Church of God in Christ was the only incorporated Pentecostal denomination in existence from 1907 to 1914 - - - - - it was the sole ecclesiastical authority which could ordain ministers.

By 1914, the realities of segregation caused white Pentecostal ministers ordained by Mason to organize the Assemblies of God.

By 1924, most white constituents of remaining interracial churches withdrew to form their own churches, leaving little contact between black and white Pentecostals.

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