Monday, August 10, 2009

Right Up Under My Nose...... Rather

On a wall in my garage. . . there has been hanging for YEARRRRRRssss.. a COGIC poster hung by my daddy - Howard Huggins!
So, hubby pulls it down... I've taken the notes, recording each individual in the photos, several poems, and the 1919 Annual Convocation speech by C. M. Mason! The two great men of my heart are photographed... Bishop T. B. Sipuel and Eld. Howard Huggins
I visited Grandmother Huggins at St. Ann's Nursing Home yesterday evening.... she immediately said that Brent Butler gave this posterboard to your daddy... His mother made it. He didn't want to throw it away... and figured daddy would keep it.
This must have been in the mid-70's.....I notices in the 1987 St. John Church directory - a picture of Rev. Brent & Toni Butler worshipping there for a short time after they left Madison Street COGIC. Mama said he was now living in the Dallas TX area.
Another good instance of my mother's ability to recall and discuss. Just luvin every day she is alive and well and with us!

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