Friday, October 29, 2010

Ah 'searchin . . . .

for Sisda in 1870, Sindia in 1880, Cinda, Cindy, Lucinda.... with the ever so common last name of Smith.    Born 1848.....  Died and buried......

Sindia Smith                               
US Census 1880                 
Wednesday, February 03, 2010

 Name                           Sindia Smith                                         Gender                         Female
Residence                     Railroad, Chicot, Arkansas                   Marital Status               Single
Birthdate                      1848                                                    Age                              32 years
Birthplace                     Louisiana USA                                     Occupation                   Cook
Relationship                  Head of Household (self)                      NARA Film Number    79-0040
Father’s Birthplace       Louisiana, USA                                    Page                             301
Mother’s Birthplace      Louisiana, USA                                    Page                             D
Race/Color                   Mulatto                                                Entry Number               2483                           
Ethnicity                       American                                              Film Number                1254040
                                     Children:                       Frank Smith
                                                                        Kittie Smith
                                                                        Loue Smith
                                                                        Nannie Smith
                                                                        Joseph Smith
                                                                        Gertrude Smith

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