Monday, October 11, 2010

“Speling Dusn’t Cownt,”

 .....first Golden Rule of Genealogy. There are nine other rules, but this is my favorite and helps clarify how important it is to ignore spelling in genealogy and focus in on how names sound. All ten Golden Rules are available for download at

credits to:  Lisa Lee:  A professional genealogist, Lisa B. Lee is the owner of, where she publishes a monthly newsletter, the Got Genealogy Gazette of my favorite free newspaper databases is the Library of Congress' Chronicling America. This is a rather small collection, at the moment, but more newspapers are being added all the time. You can search by name, by phrase or by keywords and the images are clean, and they highlight your search results, making them easy to find. These Search & Reward Notices are not limited to just black folks and were published in all sorts of newspapers. However, the Negro Press newspapers hold the lion's share of these notices and they're a good place to start. There are digitized/ searchable newspaper databases on a variety of Web sites and though it takes patience to search them, the information you may find within may prove to be priceless.

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