Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Called Scots-Irish

the Irish, Welsh, and Scots (The Scots, or Scotti, were Irish immigrants to what we now call Scotland c600 AD) were the last remnants of the Celts (The pronunciation is Kelt, the earliest written reference, of which I am aware, is Greek Keltoi, and they definitely do not know how to pronounce it up here in Boston!  -grin), as they were pushed off the continent of Europe by more or less continuous invasions from the East, and nearly right off the British Isles, as we now call them, by successive invasions of Germans and Norsemen.

The English have been trying since c600 AD to obliterate all the Celts.  They conquered the Scots and Welsh, and the Irish, but the Irish rebelled and threw them out. 

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