Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Between June and August of 1898 - - In Mobile Alabama

Dad Sipuel @ the tender age of 21.... enlisted in the SPANISH AMERICAN WAR

    The 3rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry served out its term of service within the continental U.S., apparently spending most of its time within the borders of its home state. It did not see service overseas.
    The regiment was mustered into service between June 4 and August 5, 1898 at Mobile, Alabama. At the time of mustering in, the regiment consisted of forty-six officers and 1,185 enlisted men. The regiment was a "Black Regiment" in that it was made up of African Americans serving under white officers.
    The regiment served in the Department of the Gulf, and was stationed in in Anniston Alabama in October, 1898. The 3rd Alabama saw no service outside of the U.S. The regiment was equipped with the model 1884 Springfield "Trapdoor" rifle.
    The regiment was mustered out on March 20, 1899 at Anniston, Alabama. At the time of mustering out, the regiment consisted of forty-six officers and 992 enlisted men. The had seven enlisted men die of disease, and one was killed in accident. Twelve enlisted men were discharged on disability and four were courtmartialed. Lastly, eighty-eight enlisted men deserted.

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