Thursday, April 4, 2013

Second Amendment - - huh??? What's your Gun History-Historically?

I guess I haven't thought much about the history of guns in the Huggins Household.   But oooooh BTW......

a 22 pistol . . . . .

My daughter said that in highschool, she saw this under Papa's wheel chair pillow! Hmnnnn.... you're kidding.   Nope.

I know that on a continual basis my daddy carried this dandy back and forth from church services since he had the money bag in opening and locking doors.    Wise old preacher could also everybody entering the front door...... the Bible said to watch and pray..... thus he kept his protection close by in the pulpit.  

I remember seeing it under his pillow.... yep he slept with it in case of a break-in...???  He carried it on road trips, Memphis, Geary, OK..... etc.   My guess is that he had this dandy as far back as Frederick,OK ! ! ! !

Daddy's been gone since 1997.... and I kinda wish it was still in the family as a genealogy keepsake....(am I fooling anybody.......(smile)  I just might need that dandy piece.... a really good backup.....u never know!)   But alas.... it was misused just last 2012 and now it's gone.....:(  :(


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