Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I did think this was cute computer crash...

and a good reminder (the old days) to organize and save my data via January 2010 (a new decade). 

Data Back Up Day is on the first of every month.

http://elysesgenes.blogspot.com/    I picked up these hints from Elyse’s Genealogy Blog.

Such as...What Should I Back Up? Everything! include my database files, pictures, documents, bookmarks of your favorite genealogy websites, your blog and blog template, your notes - al the stuff that relates to my family story.   I have several big paper notebooks since I like to thumb thru the actual findings....

Then for the HOW TO......  Elyse's suggestion was a remote backup service that I think I'll check into.... just sign up and specify my computer files that I want backed up and how often.  Easy download...two popular companies that do remote backup services: Mozy and Carbonite. I look into them!
Next up was something I have done....via this being my workplace computer... and lord knows I'd like to retire out of this JOB....    Use Flash drives/CDs -- I also have RootsMagic4 and will have to utilize the Roots-To-Go via flash drive!

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