Friday, February 19, 2010

This is my Hubby's family

Saving the family history      ~     picture is probably  90+ yrs old, showing EIGHT our of ten Children --  about 1915 starting on the back row... Chandler, OK?

1898           1900               1903            1907                 1909
Eliza             Robert            Pearl            Seewillow         Noble

17 yr            15 yr              12 yr             8  yr                 6 yr

1911        1874              1905         1872                       1913
Turner     Dad Boykin    Willie        Mom Boykin             Gladys
4 yr           41 yr            10 yr         39 yr                         6 yr

Here's the lineage:  From Dad & Mom Boykins (b 1876 JN - Jeannie Edenborough married Turner Boykins b 1874):  Out of their ten+ offspring, there was b. 1903 - Pearl Boykins who married Dimple Lewis,

 thus  a daughter was b. 1930 - also named Pearl who married Earl Kirk:   the children of this couple is b. 1953 - Lawrence Kirk (my husband) and his sister JoAnn Cookie Adams.

Lawrence's offspring: daughter is Lawry b. 1978, who has a daughter named Anayah (as well as son: Tony b 1982 whose son is Jalen Kirk b. 2005)

From Dad & Mom Boykins (1876 to 2008) tracing this lineage down to my granddaughter Anayah Shabazz (b 2008) :  this accounts for six generations spanning 132 years!  I think about how much I value family history... and cannot account for my direct lineage over the same time period for the Smith-Anderson-Sipuel family....  but it will come to pass!!!!

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