Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Tomb-stone Tuesday

is presented as a Prepaid Head-Stone of Elder. Howard Jr. Huggins.   b 4-17-1928 MS, d. 6-14-1997 OK

It was his pride and joy,,,, a sense of self-sufficency, responsible living and dying.   So with his own hands, be bought and inscribed the headstone for Howard and wife, Helen, loaded it into his vehicle, levelled the area, and the story is told that be placed a penny underneath.

He didn't like for a black cat to cross his path, he believe so hard, that he knows he looked out the window and he saw Sante Claus going bye.   So for whatever measure,,, he had his way... and stood proudly.  

I really don't know who shot this photo with him...  He was proud.   Plus, I can say,,, at this time in his life, I had two good legs.   later past 1989 --- he was an amputee/wheelchair.

He's my hero... my champ... my daddy.

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