Monday, January 24, 2011

These Pictures are gonna surprise and spur me onto several writing sessions.   Because there is another phot0 of Big Mama... if standing in same backdrop with another woman.   So -- did they go to a Convocation -- well dressed... what year...???
 This is a surprising picture of my grandfather Rev. T. B. Sipuel:  I notice the fingers.... the little finger is missing with only three fingers and a thumb remaining.....
Question begs to be asked..... Who stood across the street while these preachers and women stood on the steps for this picture to be taken?  Big Mama is not in this picture.  I believe its E. M. Page with Dad Sipuel... How could I find out which building -- what city --  Church women dressed in white (missionaries, no hats) and the other men are all dudied up... with their hat and suits.

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