Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let's Match My Age to the Approximate Year

Going back thru a slew of old black/white photos....  I've seen them before: there is no date or place on the back side.  And I just failed to notice many features.... a wealth of time/historical data in the picture and its background... a way to chronologically date my Family Heritage.

First Time period: from my birth 1954 up until abt 1959  -- the Huggins-Sipuel pictures depict Chickasha, OK @ 601 S. First Street.  Big Mama rented the house to us free LOL: and she owned the 605 next door property.

First four Huggins children were all born in Chickasha... @ 601 S, 1st Street with Big Mama attending as the midwife... Howard III  b. 06-16-1949; James Travis b. 11-18-1650; Orville Thurston b. 03-29-1952; Beverly Jean b. 01-09-1954.

"In a visit to see Mama at St. Anns last week... Wendell Ray who is now 50+ didn't know the story of my mixed up birthday... remind me to post it also... one of these days...@@  !!!  Mama told Wendell about his own birth at Clinton Hospital... he was born breach...  some old lady didn't think he was a pretty baby....   I remember a Frederick picture of mama holding Wendell as a newborn.

This house porch is smaller in setting of posts:  I pulled a closeup in order to see the numbers on the front of our house 601 S 1st Street   --   a wagon for us kids.  I'm feeling nostalgic about this RED Metal chair on the front porch.....  I STILL HAVE IT... Daddy must have brought it all the way to Woodridge ... and its rickety and in the storage house!   YEAH!!! I just love old stuff... all of which Lawrence wants to get rid of as junk!

In Chickasha////  Several -- many, many other pictures will show us playing outside at this house, we lived across the street from Lincoln Elementary School in Chickaska, OK and a First Baptist Church where I'd sit on the steps and play and attended Girl Scout meetings there!

  Lots of memories around this property... can vividly see all the side area where Daddy would raise chickens in a chicken house (hundreds of little yellow fluffy chicks)

and he'd do laundry with a wringer style washing machine outside....

There were trees he would plant... would then have mulberries

A Few Facts:   Mulberries can grow as a wild purple/red fruit - they leave a stain when ripe and drop to the ground, or birds eat them and leave purple dropping.  Why we stayed excellent source of vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K and iron, dietary fiber, riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in red grapes and red wine, has been heavily publicized for its positive health benefits. These benefits include lowering cholesterol, preventing cancer, blood clots, diabetes and aiding in weight loss

There were always vegetable planted, and fruit trees and lots of peaches to can and make jelly and pies!

Back to the Frederick picture BELOW 

From 1959 up until abt 1962 ??? (3-yr period) -- I attended 1st-2nd- and 3rd (age abt 6-8) Grades in Frederick, Oklahoma where daddy was sent by Bishop Hawkins to Pastor.  

Boy.. what a smile on my face!     My daddy looks happy (about Age  35)... We are living in Frederick, OK and standing in front of the Parsonage provided to a Young Pastor of Hawkins Chapel COGIC... the church is in the background- next to our house!   It's summer...the year is probably 1961:  Wendell was born in the area town of Clinton, OK in 1959 (makes him about 3yrs old)  I was abt 7 --Orville was abt 8: James was abt 9:   - or 63 -
Wendell has a trike... and I'm in front of a bike!   Then, to top it off --- Mama is taking this picture of us.... the very next photo seems to be Mama standing with us (daddy taking the picture).   Question... where is Howard Junior -- age of about 11 or so!

Notice, how many times Orville is standing taller than James Travis?  Good looking boys with good haircut... customized by daddy of course!

There is one other picture I remember where we are standing outside in Frederick... and there is a CAR parked on the side area....that can be identified and dated... ???

Thirdly, we moved back to Chickasha from 1963 up until abt 1965 -- summer that Tana was Born! (a 3-yr period) -- I attended 4th-5th-6th grades (ages 9 - 11yr) 

I googled to find the car again.....  ypiiee

 The car will date this picture.... it's Daddy's new 1962 Buick LeSabre  !! 4 dr Hardtop, 410 Widcat, A/C, Pwr. steer. & brakes, AM radio !!  I wonder where Daddy was working and/or pastoring now that we lived back in Chickasha..   mama (mother of 5 kids -- age 36-39 years old)   got a job at Grady Memorial Hospital and a lab technician... learning OTJ... she liked the people and work she did!    And Here I am with Wendell as a 9 yr old 4th Grader attending Lincoln Elementary School in Chickasha, OK.   All-black school for 3-yr period.   Kinda cute... I think I was!

Oh the naive little sheltered girl that I was.   Somebody remind me to post about knowing about the birds and the bees.... via Tana was born in 1965!

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